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Multi Wallet

Neuro-Access is an App for Android and iOS. It allows the user to create a digital identity and sign smart contracts, all using the interoperative interfaces defined by IEEE P1451.99. The app also contains a Digital Wallet for storing and exchanging money and Digital Assets

Secure authentication

The ultimate solution for digital identification and signature. With state-of-the-art encryption and security technologies, users can trust that their personal information is protected at all times, while enjoying the convenience of seamless online access and signing.

Product benefits

Seamlessly Manage and Secure Your Digital Assets

Our innovative wallet connects your digital assets to your identity, opening doors for programmatic payments and smart contracts. Neuro-Access keeps your digital assets safe and accessible.

Simplify Peer-to-Peer Payments

Say goodbye to complicated payment processes. Our Wallet enables seamless peer-to-peer payments, ensuring secure and instant transactions between individuals. Experience hassle-free money transfers with trust and convenience.

One Wallet for All Your Identities and Assets

Keep all your identities and important information in one secure place. From gym memberships to work pass access, registered vehicles, and IoT devices. Easily manage and access your various identities with simplicity and peace of mind!

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